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Pontoon Cruises
on High Falls Reservoir

Central Wisconsin
Deer & Hunting Expo
Feb. 10-12, 2017

Central Wisconsin
Sports Show

February 17-19, 2017

Central Wisconsin
RV & Camping Show

March 10-12, 2017

Central Wisconsin
Home-Cabin-Survival Show

April 13-16, 2017

Only The Best
Attractions, Services & Accommodations


Booth Furnishings (Tables, Chairs, etc.) available through:

Total Rental Center

 Phone: 715-359-7259

  E-Mail: info@totalrentalweston.net

Electric available from facility at check-in

Connected to our Host Hotel

Special Exhibitor Hotel Rates
For reservations click on logo or call 715-355-1111
Courtesy Transportation to Central Wisconsin Airport

Exhibitor Promotion
We have an extensive General Promotion Program to drive traffic to our 3 day show. To promote your Specific Business prior to, during and after the Show, you may wish to take advantage of special offers from the Media Sponsors listed at the top of this page. Click the logos to view several options.


CIA Marketing, Inc.
P.O. Box 266
Lakewood, WI 54138
(715) 757-2370